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From sandals to snow-shoes

Our destinations cover almost every kind of climate imaginable – from freezing Siberian winters when the mercury drops to –45C, to the scorching heat of Marco Polo’s “Desert Of Lop”, from which he only just escaped with his life. There are city-slicker spots with some of the wildest nightlife on earth… or you might have an Altaic shepherd sing just for you by a mountain river, to the tune of a goats-head lyre. Today you might be astounded by the ballets-russes in a theatre built for the Grand-Dukes of the Russian Empire – tomorrow your entertainment will be constellations of the night-skies of the Gobi Desert. Your supper might be caviar and salmon on a raspberry coulis – or barbequed mutton in a nomadic yurt. Whatever it is, we promise you no tourist tat, and no silly competitions… and if you do decide to try Mongolian wrestling, there’s no softball for the “longnoses”!






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